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“Where should we go to eat?”

Any time you’re visiting a new city, searching out the BEST spots for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks can feel like a total roll of the dice. Yelp reviews are hit or miss (mostly miss), and even the top 10 lists you’ll find on Google can leave you guessing.

When you have just a few days to enjoy in a new place, it’s easy to land somewhere “popular” but totally average. If you’re a food-obsessed traveler like me, you want to make sure every meal is memorable and represents the absolute best of local fare.

How are you supposed to you know which are the overhyped, touristy spots you can skip?

How do you make sure every meal is maximum-delicious?

You can’t just settle for the spot that’s closest to your AirBnB. The last thing you want is to waste your precious travel meals on something underwhelming because you’re tired, or unprepared, or overwhelmed with choices.

Don't settle or guess - let a professional chef be your guide!

Chef Patterson Watkins

Imagine if your next trip was easily planned around local and culturally relevant foodstuffs, all personally vetted by a professional chef (instead of a Yelper or amateur food blogger)?

Hi, I’m Patterson! I’m a professional chef and independent recipe developer based in Philadelphia and when it comes to travel, my #1 priority is knowing where I can get the best eats at all times.

Each time my husband Alex and I book a trip, I’ll spend hours (sometimes days!) diving deep into every single nugget of food knowledge I can find…and I map it out, literally.

Then, once we’re on the ground, I use my chef-y senses to sniff out new culinary treats. I make friends with chefs and restaurant owners and bartenders and other local foodies to find exciting new things that you won’t find on any of the review sites. And then the best stuff gets added to the map!

Of course, we still do other “non-food” activities too. We love walking tours, museums, live music, etc.

But for us, food always comes first.

Great food will enhance any travel experience by 10x.

Food is personal, an expression of culture and people. To fully experience a place, food is a good starting point. Great food is an experience that everyone can and should be able to enjoy.

Food truly is the universal language. And everybody has to eat. 😋

Joel Hooks "I travel to explore and see the sights, but what I really want to do is eat the best flavors a city has to offer. Chef Patterson freakin delivers. Her research has helped me eat deliciously in several cities much easier and more delicious." - Joel Hooks

Next time you travel, you can eat like a chef too!

From your first sip after you arrive, to the last bite before you head home, you can use one of my guides & maps to plan your own food adventures!

Our first three guides are available now:

Each of these guides (complete with interactive maps) are carefully curated from the giant list of more than 1000 places I’ve researched and visited. For each city, you can choose from a 24 hour guide or a 48 hour guide. For select cities and destinations, you can get a full week’s worth of chef-tested recommendations!

From the best dive bars to the highest end dining experiences, you can either build a custom itinerary based on the list or just use the map to see which of my recommendations is closest to you.

Alex Hillman

More guides are on the way, too, including our favorite food cities including Lisbon, Porto, Mexico City, Cape Town, Stellenbosch, Prague, Portland Oregon, Washington DC, and more.

For the most adventurous food travelers, we’re working on guides from epic food destinations like Japan and India. Wherever you are, and whatever your favorite flavors may be, I have a map for you.

My goal is to make your travels delicious, too, and wherever you are going to ensure you never wonder where you should go to eat.

Take the travel quiz below, or grab a guide and plan your next trip around it.

I promise, you won’t go hungry.

Deliciously yours,

Chef Patterson Watkins
📸 IG @cheftested

Check out all of my favorite Travel Food cities:

And more coming soon!

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