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The most surprising side-dish in New England

15 Sep 2019 | By Patterson Watkins

A few years ago I dragged a couple of friends and my husband to Maine. It was a two fold trip, one-to see the New England fall foliage and two-to see how much lobster we can eat in a long weekend.

We succeeded in both, while the beauty of the seasonal changes was an incredible site, the lobster was the stand out. After the trip we attempted to tally the total weight of all the lobster we consumed, I believe we agreed that it was about 30lbs. between the 4 of us.

Enter the Dolphin Marina and Restaurant in Potts Harbor.

A fantastically scenic drive north of Portland, Dolphin Marina and Restaurant is located at the very end of a peninsula overlooking the Casco Bay.

We paused our regularly scheduled lobster roll roll when the waiter recommended their Lobster Stew. “It’s award winning”, he touted “and the blueberry muffin is baked fresh in house”

“…BLUEBERRY MUFFINS!?” we all exclaimed followed by huhs, whats and whys… “it is really really good” he continued.

So, we gave it a try…and it was INCREDIBLE! How incredible?

Well, as Dolphin Marina and Restaurant was near the tail end of our lobster themed road trip (maybe around the 25lb. point) we considered ourselves lobster aficionados. Every lobster shack and road side restaurant we dined we adopted an Olympic style blind voting.

Every voter wrote their (on a scale of 1-10) vote on a napkin and shared their rating with the group. The American Judge gives this lobster roll an 8.5 while the Austrian Judge gave it a 7…and so forth.

And this stew (and accompanying muffin) received 9.5-10 scores across the board. The highest rated place on our trip!

This article was excerpted from this original piece + recipe I wrote for Cameron’s Seafood.

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